Thursday, February 18, 2010


I've upgraded to PENCIL, DOODS! Conte made me love gesture, Nupastel made me love rendering, Pen made me love contour, and PENCIL MAKES ME LOVE THEM ALL COMBINED!
Haha man this is so cool... after years of experimentation, I've decided that the pencil is perhaps the best drafting tool available. I LOVE pencil sketching! I LOVE drawing! I've dropped all those Sheridan style shorthands and am rolling in my own thing. I also started embracing my crap. (heh heh) Ever since I started just accepting my crap drawings I started to improve! Ever since I embraced all the things I normally hid away, I've come to face my own art and I can move forward. Lesson of the day: don't pretend to draw like someone you aren't.

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