Saturday, July 25, 2009

Orange Streak

From TSA last night. I hope to tighten it up later. In other news, I finally got to see Terminator - I don't know what you haters were saying - it was AWESOME!

I will be leaving for California in 2 weeks - totally stoked. Among the many things to do, I'll be touring Warner Brothers studios from one of the head dudes there (a friend of my aunt). Hopefully I'll run into someone famous... like Randolph Lizarda.


Kid Atomic said...

Intense, dude! Nice work.

OMG OMG if you meet Randolph can you get his autograph for me? And perhaps a strand of his luxurious hair?

Jeremy Canton said...

Thanks bro, was fun.

You got it - although it might be hard getting past his 2 body guards. But for you Finlay, I'll do my best.